The Municipal Group VOX in Zaragoza has presented a motion, for debate and approval at the next plenary session of the City Council, in which it proposes emergency measures and commitment to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. The motion makes two proposals:

1.- That the Zaragoza City Council order the suspension of the budget execution of any aid or subsidy to unions, business organizations, foundations, associations, or any private entities in which the project, activity, program or action does not have the direct object of it helps those affected by the Coronavirus or job creation, transferring the budget lines to the purposes of fighting the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

2.- That the Zaragoza City Council authorizes that, exceptionally and for the duration of the declaration of the state of alarm, the political groups can, without prejudice to employment, allocate, in whole or in part, the financial provision legally established in their favor to any associations affected by coronavirus or social projects to help those affected by coronavirus; which must be documented in form.

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