«My President has said it: VOX will never support, under any pressure or blackmail, the accounts of a Government handed over to all the enemies of Spain who want to destroy our National unity; our freedom; our constitutional legality; and our future. With those words, the VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has insisted on the no from this formation to budgets that lead to ruin.

During his speech, the senator recalled which groups have supported these accounts: «ETA; the most stale communism; the pro-independence xenophobia of the Catalan extreme left; the self-conscious of Compromís; Basque supremacism; Nueva Canaria that ignores what is happening on its islands with socialist policies; less country; sadly the PRC; and the disappeared and sold Teruel Exists ».

The senator has argued the affirmative vote of the groups that have supported the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2021. Thus, the Catalan and Basque separatists have given their yes to the accounts because, for them, “the more policies of distancing of Spain and of the Spanish, the better ». "In hands of this crowd, we have left the most immediate future of Spain. In the hands of these gentlemen, is the way out of the greatest crisis of Democracy, “the senator has reproached.

Tax hack to the middle classes, SMEs and the self-employed

González-Robatto has also described that these PGE are "they are irresponsible and absurd", in addition to "easy to sell to those who do not know what a budget entails" because "they have been living off the taxpayer for as long as they can remember, and to misfortune of the Spaniards, they are many ».

After remembering that «everythings solvent studies have disqualified these budgets, because they are not what Spain needs, and that it does not have the slightest technical basis to guarantee prosperity, "the senator has denounced that these accounts" represent an absurd increase in revenue with a tax blow to the middle classes, SMEs and the self-employed«. In other words, Spain will become the "only country in the world that raises taxes to justify higher ideological expenditures and transfers to rich regions of Spain such as Catalonia and the Basque Country."

And is that «Spain is the only European power that raises taxes. "Families and companies will see their income reduced not only as a result of the recession, but also due to the increase in the tax burden at the worst possible moment," he denounced. Thus, those who "said that they were not going to raise taxes on the middle and working classes, have raised them exactly: all the increase in taxes goes directly to the middle classes and the working classes."

Diversion of 7,000 million before Covid

He has also referred to the "history" of management and forecasting of the PSOE. For example, he recalled, in 2019, before the Coronavirus, the "recklessness" of the socialists "led us to a deviation from 7.6 billion«. An amount equivalent to «76 hospitals like the one that the left criticizes so much in Madrid "or" 3,800 ICU beds ».

Regarding the forecasts of the Executive, González-Robatto has criticized estimates that «They are well above those of other organizations such as the Bank of Spain or the International Monetary Fund. Despite this, the Government insists on a reappearance of nominal GDP of almost 11 points, something "incredible for any individual with his feet on the ground."

«With the economy in a very serious fall; with businesses closing tight; with the income that has collapsed, according to the Tax Agency, by more than 10 points; with tax bases and domestic demand collapsed by more than 12% in August; and with the effects of the second wave, which has directly impacted on citizens, they have the audacity to establish a record of collection of 493,838 million euros in 2021 ″.

The senator has also highlighted the Government's calculations on the collection of the new taxes on savers, consumers of services and consumers. «Before the crisis, you expected income of 1,900 million ”, he recalled. "Now they estimate to increase them to 2,309 million, with an economic crisis catalyzed by you that has ruined the productive fabric and the Spanish stock market falling precipitously, you estimate that more will be collected," he reproached.

Mirage to continue in government

On the other hand, the senator has addressed the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, to denounce that the Government has eliminated from the accounts the expenses for ERTE, the exemption of quotas and the benefits for cessation of activity. Thus, the expenses for the Temporary Employment Regulation Files fall in more than 17,000 million euros; the exoneration of quotas, falls in almost 6,000 million and the benefits for cessation of activity, are eliminated.

Thus, González-Robatto has denounced the "mirage that allows this government to remain in office while" destroying the unit and mortgaging Spain because the huge debt they are accumulating must be paid.

"You see the Spanish people as a machine to fleece by removing plates of food from Spanish families to fill their personal coffers," he denounced.

Thus, it has asked the Government to address «the butchers, the taxi drivers, the plumbers who have to demand a greater effort from them to contribute to the 157% increase in the budgets of the Ministry of Equality. "Tell the 40% of young Spaniards who do not have a job that they allocate 2,300 million euros in investments and capital transfers for the separatists of Catalonia."

He has also asked the executive to "tell our Soldiers that they have sold their historic barracks for giving in to those who support those who have bled Spain for so long and that what ETA did not achieve, Sánchez has achieved ». "Tell the families who have run out of income that they are going to spend 8,000 euros on concerts for dogs," he recommended.

Finally, he issued a warning to the Government: «VOX will always defend the Spanish people, and will be against bourgeois cessions to its ETA partners, separatists, unsupportive, ignorant and their partners of the most vile caste that has been seen in the history of modern democracy.

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