The spokesperson of the Municipal VOX Group, Wenceslao Font Briones, has insisted today on the proposal that he already transferred through a request to the mayor and that also led to the last plenary session: Turn off the Christmas lights at curfew time to reverse that electricity saving in aid to businesses and families who are experiencing the worst.

"If citizens have to be at home at 10:00 pm, what is the point of keeping the lights on?" Said the councilor, who specified that in the case of December 24 and 31, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve , VOX proposes to turn off the lights at 1.30 am, since the curfew in both cases goes from that time until 6.00 am.

In this sense, the mayor has insisted that the government team -which has announced that even if the time restrictions change, the same criteria will be maintained, always an hour and a half after curfew- should rethink that stipulated schedule, already that citizens are at their homes at that time, except for the exceptions contemplated in the mobility restriction regulations (those who fulfill work obligations, transit to acquire medicines and essential products, attend emergency health or veterinary centers, return to their habitual residence, they take care of the elderly, minors and dependents and other causes of force majeure).

As Font Briones recalls, the maintenance of the lighting this year meets the need, according to the local government, to “contribute to the commercial and tourist revitalization of the city, becoming a focus of attraction during the most important season for the sales and consumption of our merchants and hoteliers who are suffering on the front line the consequences of this health crisis and deserve all the support ”.

Thus, given this decision and as a reasonable intermediate measure, VOX has already put on the table the possibility of saving part of the electricity consumption to allocate that money to the commercial sector and families in need. An initiative in which the Municipal Group insists again.

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