"Violence is fought within the family and at school, instilling values ​​in our children, such as respect for others and human dignity. It is fought with the toughening of penalties for abusers and life imprisonment for murderers, pedophiles and rapists ”. This is how the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has answered before the PP's claims to praise the State Pact against Gender Violence that wants to impose the gender ideology of the left, while letting the murderers or rapists go out to the street after serving lax sentences.

Merelo has questioned what is the use of "so much economic investment, so much deployment of means to combat misnamed gender violence if then we have soft laws that do not harshly punish criminals for the harm caused and turn them into repeat sex offenders." "With these laws, what is clear is that it is cheap to attack, rape or kill a woman and, unfortunately, thousands of deaths could have been avoided by hardening the Penal Code," lamented the senator from Ceuta.

The parliamentarian recalled that VOX is contrary to "this unjust law and the state pact that accompanies it for violating the principle of equality and the presumption of innocence in man." In addition, she has emphasized that in view of the number of women who continue to die year after year, "the Gender Violence Law is completely ineffective because it does not represent all women."

Faced with this situation, Merelo has insisted that VOX proposes the Law of Intrafamily Violence, as established in the Istanbul Convention that Spain signed and ratified, and that it fights against all types of violence against women and against domestic violence. "You speak little or nothing about that agreement …" the senator has ironized to question "when is Spain going to adapt the legislation to this agreement".

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