The Municipal Group of VOX has criticized the absence of councilors from the government team in the events organized by the Granada City Council, since they have chosen to go on vacation for the entire month of August instead of continuing to lead their areas and work for the city at a time of extreme need, an attitude that supposes an absolute lack of respect for citizens, who suffer the social and economic ravages that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated.

The municipal spokesman for VOX, Onofre Miralles, has criticized that “since 1 August only one councilor from the government team has worked in the City Council, who acts as acting mayor and shifts every five days, which gives rise to situations such as last Wednesday during 'The movie nights in the Huerta de San Vicente', in which the front row seats were reserved for councilors Eva Martín, from Participación Ciudadana, and Lucía Garrido, from Culture, and neither attended ».

While the councilors of PP and Ciudadanos rest in August, “in the city there are closed shops, unopened hotels and 75% fewer tourists in the Alhambra, which are more than enough indicators for the local government team to demonstrate its commitment to Granada ”, Onofre Miralles insisted.

From VOX “we praise the work of the municipal staff, who work intensely so that the activity of this City Council is not paralyzed, as well as we consider it an offense for the city that its top officials, the mayor and the councilors of the government team, leave holidays, something that many people from Granada have not been able to do ”.

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