Jerez de la Frontera, October 12, 2020. – The VOX deputies in the Andalusian Congress and Parliament respectively, Carlos Zambrano and Angela Mulas, have expressed their concern to the growing problem of ‘squatting’ of homes in Jerez and the insecurity that this entails between neighbors.

During a visit to the main streets of the center, the deputies have been able to verify, with the help of residents of the area, high number of dwellings that are ‘squatted’ or have required police action for their eviction in recent months. In most cases these are empty farms, some of them with anti ‘squatters’ protection on doors and windows, which are raided without any shame by people who cause destruction to loot them and remove materials such as floors, pipes and other elements.

On many occasions, the ‘squatting’ goes hand in hand with irregular immigration and is even related to robberies perpetrated in nearby homes and businesses. “We cannot allow neighbors to live with fear that at any moment they will break into their homes”, Affirms the deputy of VOX, Carlos Zambrano.

Situations like those that have been experienced in the neighborhood Spain, where in the same weekend the Police had to evict up to two occasions several young Maghrebis from a farm house, or in Bizcocheros street, where two young Maghrebis entered stealing at dawn in a house with its inhabitants inside, have generated a worrying feeling of insecurity in several areas of Jerez where, in addition, the neighbors feel scared to possible retaliation.

It should be remembered that VOX has presented, in recent weeks, a package of measures to toughen the criminal punishment against ‘squatting’ and facilitate evictions, these being rejected by the Plenary of Congress.

"At VOX we are clear that we must protect private property, effectively tackle the phenomenon of the‘ squatting ’of farms, sometimes encouraged from the radical left. Neighbors should feel safe and calm in their homes. That does not mean that the administration must invest in social housing projects, either in the form of rent or property. The truth is that successive governments have shown extreme incompetence, that only leads them to make empty promises, ”said Zambrano.

In the same way, the deputy in the Andalusian Parliament, Ángela Mulas, recalls what she considers “the constant demagoguery with which the training Forward Andalusia, with Teresa Rodríguez at the helm ”. This is why, since VOX Andalusia «We continue to request the Government of Juanma Moreno to approve the program of aid for ‘squat’ homeowners. Only with measures that truly help the affected owner can the problem of illegal occupation be eradicated, ”adds Angela Mulas.

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