El Puerto de Santa María, September 16, 2020 – The Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of El Puerto will take a motion to the ordinary plenary session in September to address the poor execution that can be appreciated from the funds granted, in December 2015, through the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI).

The VOX councilor, Leocadia Benavente, will question the mayor about the current percentage of execution, which in March was a meager 10%. Benavente states that "such a degree of execution endangers the development of funds Europeans, so it is necessary to put solutions that make it possible to make up for lost time. We must revolutionize the administrative machinery to update some projects that seem to be sleeping the sleep of the just ”.

In this sense, VOX recalls that one of the initiatives whose development depends on these funds, which amount to 12.5 million euros, is the transformation of the walk on the Guadalete river, with which it is intended to integrate into the city the lands that were previously for port and fishing use and remove visual and architectural barriers for a better enjoyment of our river.

For this reason, VOX has presented a motion for the team of government report to municipal corporation on the current state of execution of the EDUSI funds and the degree of compliance of the proposed time schedule, since it does not appear that the initially planned deadlines are currently being met.

Likewise, Benavente points out, “the Plenary is asked that the government team must proceed to reinforce with technical staff the areas on which the development of these important projects depends in order to comply, in a timely manner, with the important projected investments. The reality is that the local government is not making its own investments, limiting itself to the programs of other administrations, so it is essential to complete these projects which, due to their high amount, would be difficult to finance with the municipal budget ”.

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