It is curious, they affirm from VOXThat their Municipal Group is blamed for the lack of consensus when the same Board of Spokespersons vetoed the three Institutional Declarations presented by them, one of them also in defense of the victims of violence.

Once the Institutional Declarations presented by VOX the tripartite seeks consensus to, once again, defend the absurdity of the genre of violence. Who blocks whom? They wonder in VOX.

Luciano Ferrer: "They do not accept something as simple and as obvious as that violence has no gender: Who are the deniers?? "

The spokesperson for VOX, goes further and toughens his speech to affirm: “¿Is it legal to sell yourself and fall into slavery, prostitution, sell your soul to the devil, accept the 30 silver coins because more funding is needed to solve real but misdiagnosed problems? The end does not justify the means".

VOX He does not make risky diagnoses but he does affirm, because it is evident that someone is making a mistake in the treatment since millions and millions of euros have been invested in violence and it is still a daily news.

Luciano Ferrer: "Faced with any disease, if the diagnosis is wrong, you can spend all the money in the world that you will never remedy it. If, in addition, it could be that the money does not reach the end for which it was given and stays in the ‘chiringuitos’, the results are better understood ”

"In VOX All the victims of violence hurt us, whoever it comes from, and I hope that from then on there would be no more. As long as they exist, they will all receive our assistance and support ”, concludes Ferrer

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