Guadalajara, March 6, 2020. – The different political formations of Yunquera de Henares have signed on March 5 a document in which they urge the Guadalajara City Council to withdraw from the project for the construction and operation of an environmental complex for the treatment and management of non-hazardous industrial waste, considering that said facility "would seriously affect the present and future development of our municipality and the quality of our neighbors" and would put at risk the implementation of "other development projects generating wealth and employment" in Yunquera.

This unanimity of the political forces of the locality, which they celebrate from VOX, opens the possibility in the words of their representative in Yunquera to “find points of understanding in this and other matters that allow us to value the interests of our municipality above approaches ideological Because, in the case of the macro landfill, it is not a political issue, but to join forces for the benefit of the Yunqueranos against a project that harms us. ”

The document, which underlines the interest of the signatories to maintain the form and quality of life of the residents of the town of La Campiña, refers to environmental and health issues as a justification for this refusal, considering that “for many corrective measures that propose ”, the bad odors that the installation would give off and the possible affectation of the adjacent aquifers and crops could“ seriously ”affect the health of the towns near the place where it would be located.

VOX Guadalajara communication:

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