"We have tried in every possible way for Parliament to be active this summer, but unfortunately we have been left alone." This is how Cristóbal Palacio, Vox Parliamentary Spokesperson, exposes his "astonishment" before the attitude of the rest of parliamentary groups that "They have refused to support" the appearance of government advisers this summer in Parliament.

According to Palacio, the way in which the other groups have hidden "His null interest" in which the directors appear, and that the Parliament "Don't be on vacation" All summer, "It has been as subtle as it is unacceptable".

The groups that make up the Parliament table, in which Vox is not represented, agreed to transfer the request for appearances of said party to the Presidents of the Commissions. But the latter, "They have decided not to hold the commissions until September."

From Vox, they do recognize "As an exception worth noting" the interest of the President of the Economic Commission, the popular Lorenzo Vidal de la Peña, since "He was the only one who has struggled to maintain the activity of the commissions this summer."

"If the attitude of the spokespersons that support the government is understandable, by wanting to protect their Directors from the disastrous management carried out so that they do not provide explanations thereof, the attitude of the spokesmen of those who supposedly make up, along with Vox, is incomprehensible , the opposition to the regional socialist government ”, declares the Speaker.

Palacio has stated that "The thunderous silence" by the spokespersons of all the groups, "Has blocked"His initiatives despite the fact that in early May"all of them firmly stated that parliamentary activity was going to continue at least in July, and that they were studying that August also had activity ”. "They must have studied little", Palace has ironically stated, "Since they have decided to suspend all the appearances requested."

From Vox they want "apologize" to the citizens of Cantabria before this "Unfortunate image of parliamentary indolence at a moment as critical as the current one."

To conclude, Palacio has made it clear that "There is only one opposition in Parliament: that of Vox" as "There are 33 Deputies protecting the Government and only 2 exercising control over the Executive" because both PP and Cs"They have given up that work."

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