In Ceuta, as in the rest of Spain, they took to the streets this Monday to protest against "a criminal and totalitarian government." VOX Ceuta has joined the national call to defend, coinciding with Hispanic Heritage Day, the Spanish people “from the negligent and indecent management of this government, which has proposed to ruin Spain and which leads us to a health and social crisis and economic without any precedent ”.

With all the health security measures, in more than thirty vehicles, there have been many Ceuta who have wanted to be heard in this caravan that has left the health center of the Campus to tour the city center passing through the Plaza de Los Reyes and in front of the Government Delegation. And it is that, it has been the Executive of Sánchez that has condemned the Spanish to ruin and misery and, his representation in Ceuta, has done nothing to alleviate the negative effects that this crisis is having especially in the city.

The management of the PSOE and Podemos government has placed Spain as one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis, has curtailed the activity of hoteliers, limited the labor activity of millions of people, made the GDP fall to historical levels and located youth unemployment at the top of the table, far ahead of the countries in our economic environment. A situation that, in Ceuta, is aggravated by the economic asphyxia that Morocco is exerting on the city across the border and before which the Government of Sánchez has not only not acted but has limited itself to underlining that the country neighbor is "partner and friend." So it was time to raise my voice again.

"The situation was not easy, knowing the effects that a bridge usually has in Ceuta, but we are very satisfied with how citizens have turned," said Juan Sergio Redondo, president of VOX Ceuta, to add: "We have had samples of affection for the entire route and people who have applauded the passage of the caravan ”. “It is a satisfaction to see how Ceuta joins the clamor that today is in all the cities of Spain against this criminal government that is leading us to disaster, to ruin, and that does not respect democracy, freedom, or our Magna Carta, nor our system of coexistence ”, he stressed.

The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, highlighted how "Ceuta has shown today that this government, the most damaging in the history of democracy, must be fired." "It is a government that wants to destroy our institutions, as well as the figure of the king," he denounced to indicate how this call is not only due to the confinement of Madrid, but because the Executive "wants to curtail the rights of all Spaniards."

"As in the rest of Spain, here we are protesting against this criminal government that is against the Spanish by relying on sectors that are against Spain," said the senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo. In addition, he lamented how this is "a government that is not protecting us from disease or the economic crisis."

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