The Government has made clear its ignorance about the health situation in Ceuta when answering, to VOX questions, that there are six intensivists at the University Hospital when the reality is that, despite the fact that there are six places on the staff, only four of these specialists are available, and one of them is pending to move to Andalusia. Of the other two, one is on long-term leave and the other is the territorial director of Ingesa, Jesús Lopera. In this way, the Intensive Care Unit can stay with three intensivists and, meanwhile, from Madrid they say that "said endowment is considered sufficient to carry out ordinary activity in this pandemic situation."

"This response from the Government of Pedro Sánchez brings out that it continues to fail in anticipation of the Covid-19 pandemic and that it is still overwhelmed by contagions, ”denounces the VOX deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López. After receiving an answer to her question, the parliamentarian is again disappointed by the lack of interest of the Executive to meet the health needs of the city, which are also the direct competence of the State. López reproaches the Executive that "it failed in the prevention and detection of the virus" and that now "it does not know how to alleviate the deficiencies that Ceuta and Melilla suffer in health matters."

From Moncloa they point out that "if required, due to the number of patients, more specialists would be hired above the described workforce, whose number would depend on the demand for care and availability". However, its territorial director of Ingesa in the city pointed out this week that it is counting on other specialists to attend the ICU, and that what is being asked of the doctors is "an extra effort" like the rest of the workers. A “plus” that, yes, the Government affirms that it is being paid by telling VOX that in Ingesa “all extensions of the working day have been paid, both the ordinary one and the medical shifts carried out for the provision of services during the pandemic".

However, what doctors demand are more staff resources because they are overwhelmed and exhausted. For this reason, for the national deputy of VOX, to say that, "if necessary", more doctors will be hired, "is an insult to the Spanish who only see their rights being cut by a government that does not protect their health and there are no remedies for the disease ”.

In addition, the doctors have expressed their opposition to the royal decree that allows the exceptional contracting of non-specialist non-specialist Spanish and non-EU doctors, warning that this can be harmful. However, Ingesa has chosen this route and has just hired two doctors whose qualifications are not approved and who are from outside the EU to attend the UCI.

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