Jaén, August 3, 2020. The VOX Jaén team with Salud Anguita in the lead, has been able to verify first hand the problems that the autonomous of Andalusia drag and the difficulty that they have to continue maintaining their economic activity.

During the meeting, Rafael Amor has moved to Anguita Health its "pessimism for the current situationl”How in global figures in Andalusia, 70% of the self-employed would not be able to endure a new confinement without having to close their businesses.

He abounds in the data saying that, for example, 60% of the self-employed have seen their income reduced by more than half and that 30% will be forced to reduce their workforce before the end of the year.

He insists on his pessimism since the government's measure aimed at helping the self-employed sector, such as the ICO funds, have not had a very considerable impact because only one in three self-employed has availed themselves of said funds.

It also emphasizes the significant late payment of the public administration, late payment of suppliers which in many cases lead to the closure of their activity.

Anguita Health points out in this regard "that because the City of Jaén is one of the most indebted in Spain, it also has a delay in the payment of suppliers of more than 693 days, something clearly unsustainable".

Rafael Amor he continues evaluating the state of the sector and frames within that pessimism that reigns the chilling data of the reality that is coming, as is that "15% of the self-employed will not arrive at the end of the year and that 50% of them will need more than two years to reach the level before the pandemic ”.

To try to reverse this painful situation, he stresses that major reforms would have to be made to save companies and jobs, at the national and European level and that they put in value the “human capital” that for them is the most important asset they have. Definitive measures that do not break the balance between employer and worker.

Go to the regularization of telework where possible and not tax it more at the cost of companies and of course an important lowering of taxes that implies an activation of consumption.

Salud Anguita asks if ATA has a plan B planned in case the outbreaks are triggered, to which Amor replies that in the face of such a panorama, since any scenario is open, it would be necessary "common sense on the part of citizens and the Administration and take greater responsibility for compliance with regulations and the application of sanctions when they are breached if necessary"

Anguita He adds how the reality of the pandemic has been hidden from the Government and that has caused a certain relaxation that could lead us to a setback in the control of the pandemic.

The councilor and spokesperson also states that this political group has worked intensively with economic, social and even cultural proposals at the City Council level and they have been systematically rejected and not taken into consideration. What should be valued concept of "healthy tourism" which means Jaén as an interior paradise, as tourism aimed at outdoor leisure proposals, natural parks and ultimately contact with nature.

Rafael Amor points out that in Andalusia there should not be two speeds, Jaén specifically has a notable deficiency in investments aimed at creating an industrial fabric and thus promoting the creation of employment and wealth.

Necessary reinforcement of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to get more resources for Andalusia in the CAP.

Anguita Health adds to end that our Andalusian member of parliament Benito Morillo, has managed to compromise two million euros from the Andalusian budgets for investments in tourism in Jaén.

Rafael Amor ends by congratulating Vox for the important work and effort that it carries out in promoting the economy and helps the group of self-employed workers in particular and notes that the citizen is thus perceiving it.

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