Jerez de la Frontera, August 10, 2020. – He continuous economic and social deterioration of the old town, aggravated by stoppage of works on the Corredera-Esteve axis for him City Council conflict de Jerez and the Ministry of Culture of the meeting Andalusia, has alerted the team of VOX Jerez, than Urgently demands that Mamen Sánchez finish the works according to the law.

The coordinator of VOX Jerez, Ramón Aumesquet, demands “the City Council to present a urgent plan to save the old town. Jerez needs a economic, social, repopulation and security plan ".

"Economic, because the center needs solutions, not stones in the way as the works of the Plaza Esteve and Corredera, which are causing many losses to merchants at a critical time for local commerce due to the coronavirus crisis."

Continuing with Aumesquet's statement: “We need a social plan because of the alarming numbers of unemployment and the increase in needy families and homeless people that increase every day in the historic center. We will work on a series of measures to avoid abandoned farms through legal mechanisms and agreements with the owners, in addition to proposing in the Parliament of Andalusia a rehabilitation plan household".

“Jerez needs a safety plan that is complied with and that they urgently bring more police presence in the streets of the whole city. We have many vandalism in the periphery, not just in the center. We demand it of the City Council because it is their obligation to safeguard order to the extent of their powers. Mamen Sánchez must ask the Government for help to send more state security forces. "

VOX Jerez demands from the Government a permanent office of the National Police in the center de Jerez due to the wave of robberies suffered by merchants this summer and the robbery attempts in recent days. VOX Jerez considers that there is a direct relationship between robberies in shops and the exit of the police station from the center. The call for more police positions for Jerez.

VOX Jerez proposes a Promotion campaign tour to place Jerez as safe destination after the coronavirus crisis and seasonally adjust the sector. “We want to work on a series of proposals to increase the investment in industry in Jerez, since the city has land for it and we cannot depend only on tourism ”, declares the coordinator.

VOX Jerez considers that the city urgently needs a realistic employment plan to protect the business fabric, that it has a sufficient budget and that it is fulfilled.

In fact, more than 500 companies have closed in the first quarter.

At the end of his statement, Aumesquet shows his most sincere solidarity with the neighbors and merchants from the center, who have been suffering a serious economic crisis and have suffered robberies and vandalism in recent months ”.

"We, in exchange for the inaction of the Government of Mamen Sánchez, propose a lower tax burden, a reduction in interventionism, a single window and make the bureaucracy more flexible. for entrepreneurship, with a more agile and efficient city council, which will lead to greater dynamism in the local economy. All these measurements will be he best repopulation plan and recovery of the historic center, than, when employment is generated, the population will return to the center ”.

VOX Jerez is going to work on a series of measures to transfer its deputies to Congress and the Parliament of Andalusia.

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