Jerez de la Frontera, October 20, 2020. – The team of VOX Jerez regrets the state of abandonment in which the Forestal La Marquesa dog park is located, which, due to lack of maintenance by the government team, has become an inhospitable place for both dogs and their owners.

It should be remembered that, from the moment of its installation, users were able to verify that it was not intended for animals or people, without shade, without water, with some exercise obstacles that really are a danger for them, with fixed posts made of metal and concrete with which they hit and hurt themselves and ramps with warped wood where the pads of their feet catch.

According to the VOX Jerez team, neighbors who come to the park with their pets cannot run because the ground has loose gravel and the ground is full of spiked seeds that dig into their legs and never spray herbicides to kill them.

The local government alleges that Jerez's dog parks are designed by experts in the field and, however, the reality is that many of them simply consist of fencing a few square meters in a green area. It should be remembered that the money for the hiring, design, installation and maintenance of these parks comes out of the pocket of the citizen therefore, the least they can do is meet the minimum conditions for the welfare of the animals.

In the case of La Marquesa Forest Park, the result is a Abandoned compound, dirty and full of pesky weeds, with seeds that can puncture the wheel of a bicycle, which no one enters due to the poor condition it is in.

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