Jerez de la Frontera, November 19, 2020. – The team of VOX Jerez manifests itself openly against the new website announced by the City Council to deny hoaxes.

At VOX Jerez we do not understand the need for a city council to have to control local hoaxes. It is not municipal competence, nor is it a necessity of society. It is only the work of a social communist government that wishes control information and opinion of the citizen.

The truthful information is "that information verified according to the canons of the informative professionalism”, According to the interpretation of the Constitutional Court on the right to freely communicate or receive information.

The verification of news to be communicated and the constitutional doctrine deal with information consisting of news about facts. They do not refer, however, to what they are thoughts, ideas and opinions, whose expression and diffusion are free through the word.

In fact, VOX has presented in Congress a Proposition of Law Organic partial regulation of fake news verification in social networks, blogs, websites in general and print, digital and audiovisual media, so that could not be supervised internally by individuals and entities, private or public. So, only the judicial authority competent authority could make decisions on the verification of fake news.

In conclusion, we urge the City Council to focus on priority issues for Jerez as in searching solutions to Commerce local, at fall in tourism and in the fight against him unemployment chronic of the city.

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