Murcia, February 29, 2020.- The National Deputies Lourdes Méndez and Luis Gestoso, the Regional Deputy Juan José Liarte, the Senator José Marín, the Provincial President José Ángel Antelo, the Secretary Carmen Menduiña, as well as the Deputies Manuel Maestre and José María Sánchez de Alicante and Ángeles Criado de Valencia, along with numerous members, councilors, affiliates and party supporters Arriving from all points of the Region such as Cartagena or Lorca, they have joined this massive support.

In addition, protesters from both the Region of Murcia and Almeria, Seville, Alicante, Valencia or Barcelona have been part of the mobilization in the capital for an education free of ideology and without indoctrination organized by parents of the Region of Murcia to which The Spanish Forum of Family and Social Policy, CONCAPA, Libertas or FAPA San Javier, among other associations, have joined.

According to the organization, about 10,000 people have attended this march that has departed from the Circular Square and has passed through the main streets of the city to reach the Government Department, where the manifesto has been read in favor of the freedom of the Parents to choose their children's education.

Under the motto "For the right of parents to choose freely an ideology-free education for our children", both from the organization and from about thirty associations and the numerous groups of the evangelical community that have been part, as Christian Lawyers , it has been argued that with the parental pin it is only intended that the authorization be applied to the emotional talks of the complementary activities.

We remember that with the measure of the parental pin parents will have the right to choose the education of their children without the ideological indoctrination of the left. An initiative that will prevent the government from progressing to mold the minors with their sectarianism, thus establishing an express authorization of the families for the participation of the minors in complementary activities with contents of ethical, social, civic, moral or sexual values.

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