The spokesperson for the Municipal VOX Group in the Valencia City Council, Pepe Gosálbez, has attended, together with the VOX deputies in the Valencian Courts, José Luis Aguirre and Ángeles Criado, and the councilor in Sagunto, Alejandro Vila, to the concentration organized by the hospitality associations of the Valencian Community, to show their support for the sector and join their demands in front of the Palace of the Generalitat in Valencia.

For the VOX councilor, “it is a priority that this sector is listened to. Both the central, regional and local governments have dedicated themselves to criminalizing and demonizing hoteliers. Thousands of families and jobs depend on them, so much in bars and restaurants as in sectors that depend on them: hotels, travel agencies or tourist activities”.

In the concentration, which has brought together several hundred people, Luis Martí, president of the CET-CV, Manuel Espinar, president of the Business Confederation of Hospitality and Tourism of the Valencian Community, and Luis Yzuel, president of Hospitality of Spain. All of them have criticized the measures that the Government has adopted in relation to their sector, they have asked that it stop "demonizing" it and have asked for more economic, fiscal, labor aid and greater bureaucratic agility, among others.

At the end of the demonstration, Pepe Gosálbez a photo has been taken with the representatives of the associations and has exchanged opinions on the situation: “We are here to help and support you in your requests. In Valencia, for example, we asked the City Council to extend the tax exemption for terraces until June 2021, but Ribó flatly refused. We will continue to propose measures that can help this sector, which is a great source of work for Valencians”.

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