The Municipal Group of VOX has demanded that the government team pay the pending overtime to the bodies of the Local Police and the Granada Firefighters, an evident proof of the bad planning of the Citizen Security Area in the staffing of both bodies. .

Beatriz Sánchez Agustino, councilor of VOX, has presented a request for the ordinary plenary session of November in which she asks the Granada City Council "to pay for the services provided by the Local Police and the Granada Firefighters, since it is a direct responsibility of the government team and must have special sensitivity with both civil service bodies, taking into account the risk they run in the exercise of their functions when exposed to COVID19 while protecting the people of Granada, since they put their health at risk by being in contact every day direct with the residents of Granada when they dissolve parties in flats – a problem that VOX was the first to alert this summer – or monitoring concentrations ", and therefore" we make our own the demands of the Local Police Corps and the Fire Department regarding to the immediate payment of overtime.

The councilor of VOX has criticized "the debt contracted in favor of the Local Police and the Granada Firefighters during the past term of the PSOE, with which the current government team has agreed on the budgets for this year", and recalled "the electoral promises proclaimed by the councilor delegate for Citizen Security, César Díaz, in the 2019 municipal campaign, when he stated that these overtime hours would be paid within a year, as well as the word given by the mayor of the city, Luis Salvador, also in the electoral campaign, when he assured that the debt with both bodies would be liquidated, but they have only paid the 'slab' in overtime due to the socialist mismanagement of Francisco Cuenca.

Far from solving the problem, «it has been almost a year and a half since PP and Ciudadanos mal-govern the capital, and during this time they have not been able to pay off this debt, on the contrary, during their tenure there has been an increase in overtime in the Local Police and the Granada Fire Brigades ”, concluded Beatriz Sánchez Agustino.

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