The Municipal Group of VOX has carried out its motion in defense and support for the business and hospitality sectors of Granada, leaving in evidence the government team of the City Council of the capital, which irresponsibly voted against measures designed to help two of the economic sectors that are suffering the most from the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proposal was approved in the last municipal plenary session with the votes in favor of VOX and the parties of the left, after accepting an amendment by Podemos-Izquierda Unida-Adelante that modifies the proration period in the payment of the tax of occupation of public thoroughfare -two years- and thus adapt it to the conditions that bars and restaurants already enjoy

This initiative of VOX insists that "this City Council take urgent letters in the matter, involving itself with a high eye on the immediate assistance of these sectors, which contribute so much to the economic and tourist well-being of Granada and that they contribute so much to us", and for this reason proposes that the occupancy rate of public roads for the year 2020 can be prorated, since having paid it at the beginning of the year the vast majority of establishments, in the next two years, this City Council will lower the proportional part of the rate of this exercise, explained during the defense of the motion the VOX councilor Mónica Rodríguez Gallego.

It was also approved that the exhibition of the sale items be allowed at the doors of the establishments, since businesses have limited capacity to comply with security measures, as well as that the City Council commits to promote our city as a 'Destination Insurance 'among all possible national and international tourists who plan to visit and visit Granada.

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