The Subdelegation of Government of La Coruña has approved the request presented by VOX on May 15 to celebrate the Caravan for Spain and its freedom; which will take place next Saturday May 23 from 12:00 m. and whose itinerary will run through the esplanade of the parking of the Riazor sports hall, continuing through the Plaza de Pontevedra until reaching the Government Delegation.

Vox La Coruña summons all Spaniards who want to mobilize against the State of Abuse imposed on citizens by the government of unemployment and misery, which has curtailed freedoms and rights for the Spanish people.

From the VOX political training there is a firm commitment to respect the current regulations regarding distance measures, hygiene and respiratory etiquette at all times, as well as the measures that must be adopted in vehicles depending on their occupation. In addition, VOX reminds attendees that you can only participate from a car; that is, those who go by bicycle, motorcycle or on foot will not be allowed to take part in the demonstration. Also, attendees are encouraged to stay inside their cars in order to participate safely and in compliance with the required health protocols, to say NO to the social-communist government.

The Caravan for Spain and its freedom is an event that is expected to take place in all the provincial capitals of the country. This initiative joins a series of demonstrations that have arisen spontaneously in various cities in Spain, known as the "Mask Revolt" where hundreds of citizens have shown their rejection of the decisions of the current government, even demanding their resignation in the face of its dire management of the crisis.

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