From VOX La Coruña we support the hunters' demands expressed in various media and through the Galician Hunting Federation, and we unconditionally support the free and responsible exercise of hunting and fishing from phase 1 of de-escalation.

In the BOE of May 9, 2020, the green light was given to the non-professional practice of individual sports where there was no contact with third parties and, also, to active tourism activities in nature in groups of up to 10 individuals, from phase 1. However, the Government excluded the practice of sport fishing and hunting from the permitted activities.

We consider that it is intolerable that this discrimination towards hunting and sport fishing exists; both, majority sports. Hunting, meanwhile, is the second most practiced activity in Galicia and the third nationally by number of federated. Its economic impact reaches 6,500 million euros per year, generating nearly 180,000 jobs, especially in rural areas where they lack other job opportunities. In addition, hunting is an essential activity for the management and conservation of the environment, since it controls overpopulations of animals, avoiding damage to agriculture and livestock, traffic accidents, etc.

Therefore, the parliamentary group VOX has presented in Congress a battery of questions for the Government to rectify this incomprehensible decision. Also, the GP VOX has asked if companies dedicated to hunting activities are going to be able to access the lines of aid of RD 8/2020 for extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19.

VOX La Coruña once again vindicates the importance of hunting and sport fishing for society and considers it imperative to include its responsible practice from phase 1.

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