La Línea de la Concepción, August 31, 2020. Juan Carlos Valenzuela has shown his absolute satisfaction when he learned that the dredging of the mouth of the fishing port of Atunara is finally going to be carried out.

Valenzuela has stressed that this work is of utmost importance for the city's fishermen who have been experiencing difficulties for years when leaving and reaching port due to the narrowing of the mouth due to the accumulation of sand. In addition, the VOX coordinator recalled that the port of Atunara, whose main activity is fishing, has already suffered since its creation, the loss of drafts as a result of the intrusion of sand from the nearby beaches, mainly due to storms.

The coordinator of VOX in La Línea has recalled that this just claim of the fishermen of Linenses was a commitment acquired by the deputy Manuel Gavira, and that thanks to the efforts made by the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, it has been achieved that the Junta de Andalucía has opened this call.

Juan Carlos Valenzuela has stressed the importance of this achievement due to the terrible conditions in which the port facilities were located, likewise, the VOX coordinator has stressed that these works will allow better access to fishing vessels and better transit from the same.

In addition, Valenzuela has highlighted that in the description of the works to be carried out by the winning company, which will involve an investment of more than 600,000 euros,

ensures the restitution of drafts both in the mouth and next to the entrance dikes of the Port of La Atunara of our city, guaranteeing the ideal conditions of safety and navigability, in addition, after the dredging of the mouth, from which the extraction of more than 70,000 cubic meters of sand, the Atunara beaches will be refurbished in the southern area of ​​the fishing port.

Finally, the coordinator of VOX in La Línea has wanted to make it clear that the steps that the VOX group, through its parliamentarian Manuel Gavira, have carried out, have allowed the government of the Board to put the batteries in solving this important problem that was seriously affecting not only the fishermen's guild of our city but also the operation of the fishing port.

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