The sculpture of San Clemente, Patron and protector of the very noble and loyal city of Lorca, is located on the High Altar of the Insignia Collegiate Church of San Patricio, it is a replacement for a previous one that was destroyed during the Civil War. It is a work of the Granada-born sculptor Eduardo Espinos Cuadros, born in 1884 and is municipal property as stated by documents from the middle of the last century.

The councilors of the GM VOX Lorca, Carmen Menduiña and José Martínez, They have offered a press conference today in which they have shown the commitment of the party with the mentioned and necessary restoration. "It is time for our City Council to become fully involved in the restoration of the image of the patron saint of Lorca, especially when there is already a restoration project for a totally acceptable amount of € 4,000," said Menduiña.

On June 30, Rafael Gómez Carrasco, General Director of Cultural Assets of the Murcia Region, together with the Director of the Restoration Center, Francisco López-Soldevilla, visited the Insignia Collegiate Church of San Patricio, "being able to verify what the damage is and the restoration needs presented by the sculpture of the patron saint of the city after the damage caused by the detachment of part of the vault during the earthquakes of 2011 ”, Martínez explained, adding:“ To date, the intention has not been expressed to practice the necessary restoration actions ”.

In addition, a few days ago the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Forgiveness of Murcia received the four cherubs restored in the Community Restoration center and from VOX Lorca we congratulate her for such a happy reunion.
The representatives of the party in Lorca have clarified that if the efforts for its restoration by Culture did not give the expected result, "we will demand that the City Council take over the restoration since the image is property of it and, therefore, heritage of all lorquinos ".

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