Last August, the Government team made various municipal spaces available to the Ministry of Education such as the Municipal School of Music, the Center for Local Development, sports pavilions and social centers so that educational centers could have Extra space, if necessary, to guarantee as far as possible safety and compliance with the exceptional measures imposed for returning to classes. Finally, the Ministry of Education rejected the offer of these spaces.

The school year begins and one of the novelties that the health situation imposes on us is that students from 3 to 14 years old, as well as infant, primary, first and second ESO students will only attend class four days a week, In some cases, up to half of the classes are lost, as in the case of 3rd and 4th of ESO and the Baccalaureate stage, for whom the attendance model of three alternate days one week and two days will be used. following in order to reduce the density of students per class by 20%.

This change can become a serious complication, especially in those families where both parents work and do not have someone to leave the care of their children that day, do not have the necessary means or do not have knowledge and handling of new technologies, which would end up making it difficult both to reconcile family and work and to carry out the tasks prepared by the educational centers to carry out from home.

From the GM VOX Lorca we consider that it is urgent that "the City Council requires the Autonomous Community, through Health, to legislate and authorize the use of spaces in educational centers where students can be cared for, facilitating work and family conciliation" , states the spokesperson Carmen Menduiña, adding, that failing that, where it is not possible and once the City Council has made an effort to make these spaces available to the Ministry of Education, it would be convenient for them to be offered, once they have the necessary means, so that the students can go to them in the morning or in the afternoon, thus facilitating the work-life balance of the parents as well as the performance of the scheduled tasks for the students of our municipality.
It is important to remember that although the City Council does not have powers in Education, it does have them in terms of carrying out complementary activities related to it.

That is why we ask the government team to put this initiative into practice, considering it not only beneficial but necessary.

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