Lorca, July 28, 2020.- VOX Lorca has demonstrated its commitment to the safety of all Lorca residents by voting in favor of the purchase of new vehicles for the Local Police proposed by the municipal government. For this party, the security of our municipality is fundamental and must be above any political division.

VOX Lorca insisted that the Local Police mobile park, with vehicles more than eight years old and in some cases more than 20, was insufficient to guarantee the safety and well-being of the residents. The acquisition of a pumper was also defended to be able to access the narrowest streets in the upper neighborhoods or in San Cristóbal, for example, in an emergency.

"This formation has decided to vote in favor of said measure after obtaining the commitment of the government team that the new vehicles will not be electric, since this type of transport is incompatible with the services to which it will be destined, but rather vehicles that respect the environment with reduced emissions ”, he stated Carmen Menduiña, spokesperson for the GM VOX Lorca.

Environment yes, irrational political agenda no

VOX is a party committed to the environment and nature conservation and understands that in these times of crisis, rational expenses must clearly prevail, which are clearly destined to improve the lives of our fellow citizens. Electric vehicles, with a high cost and with limitations in their use, are not the investment that Lorca needs in these times of economic crisis.

According to him mayor of VOX in Lorca, José Martínez"Unfortunately, from the social-communist government of Sánchez and Iglesias, Spanish municipalities are being pushed to allocate their surplus to environmental investments, far removed in many cases from the real needs of each municipality, thus attending to a political agenda of ecological radicalism instead of the reality of the Spanish ".

From VOX it is recalled that Spanish CO2 emissions represent 0.7% of the world total and the central government imposes utopian goals for this reduction of emissions that will cost 200,000 million euros in the next ten years, all while the OECD has already He has warned that Spain will be one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis and by the destruction of employment that the Covid-19 will entail.

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