During the months of June and July, VOX Málaga has continued working. Therefore, we are sending you a summary of what we have done during these months.
01-06 Videoconference meeting Ptes. Andalusia with Javier Ortega
02-06 Videoconference of the Malagueña Federation of Handball Delegate.

04-06 Elderly Association Photo: Antonio Quero being also the member of the executive Francisco Sánchez, Marian Hoyo secretary of the CEP and José Manuel Sánchez Deputy Secretary of the Elderly

04-06 Video Conference Pte. Victoriana Capuchino Association: Jose Ocón; CEP Secretary Marian Hoyos; Member of the CEP Antonio Pulido; Patricia Rueda, VOX deputy for Malaga.
04-06 Videoconference President Federation of the Elderly of Malaga
04-06 Victoriana Capuchin Association Videoconference
05-06 Videoconference with President Asaja Málaga
06-06 Working meeting with the Alora coordinator and the area coordinator:
Purificación Fernández and Jose Manuel Sánchez
07-06 Support for cacerolada District 2 Coordinators Juan Barbero and José Miguel Gutiérrez.
08-06 Videoconference with Ivan Espinosa
10-06 Videoconference with the president of Peñas de Málaga
13-06 CEP Meeting at Headquarters with Malaga Capital Coordinators
17-06 CEP meeting and headquarters meeting with the Torremolinos team
06-19 Lunch with the members of the Hacho restaurant and Paseo Solidario in Malaga for the deceased Covib-19

06-20 Demonstration support for the bull

06-20 EsRadio Interview
06-22 Mass with the Patrons of Malaga with Eugenio Molto Andalusian Parliamentarian
06-24 Alhaurín de la Torre affiliate meeting
26-06 Lunch with Marbella affiliates
27-06 EsRadio interview and concentration of Self-Employed
30-06 Central District Affiliate Meeting

In July…

03-07 Working meeting at the headquarters with those responsible for social networks, videos, etc.

07-07 Work Meeting of the Coord. Nerja Diego Palomo and his team to study the problem of the Axarquia water company
10-07 Alora information table with the Coord. Purificación Fernández.

12-07 Support with a bus for the Basque and Galician elections.

07-13 Working Meeting in Marbella of the Pte. Secretary Marian Hoyo, coordinator Antonio Alcazar and a group of affiliates to coordinate the work.
07-14 Dinner with members of Benalmádena and Torremolinos, with the assistance of the President, Vocal Antonio Pulido, Councilors and Coordinators.
07-15 Food distribution to the little sisters of Santa Teresa and the Guardian Angels
07-16 Attendance at the Triduum of the Virgen del Carmen in the Parque Litoral del Pte. Parish and Secretary Marian Hoyo.

16-07 Attendance at the Triduum of the Virgen del Carmen in Marbella Antonio Alcázar Coordinator
17-07 Food collection in Ronda by the Coordinator Patricia Coronel and affiliates.
18-07 Informative walk along the cord. José Manuel Sánchez and other affiliates in Alhaurín de la Torre.
07-18 Presentation of the 2020 Patron Cults Poster. Hermandad Nuestra Señora de Flores, Álora. The Purificación Fernández Coordinator and affiliates attend.

07-22 Telematic meeting with the ICOFMA Pharmaceuticals Col. Francisco Florido (president), Manuel García (member), Diego Rodríguez (secretary) José María García (member) VOX: Pte. José E. Lara, Vocal Antonio Pulido, Secretary Marian Hoyo, Vices. by Org. Pedro Barceló, Andalusian Parliamentarian Ana Gil and Congresswoman Patricia Rueda.

07-22 At the meeting headquarters Coordinators, Vice Secretaries and CEP, to thank the work done and encourage them to continue like this in September
07-22 Informative session of the affiliate Guillermo Miranda Páez on Body Language at the headquarters meeting with Coordinators and CEP.

07-23 Informative table in Alhaurín El Grande Zone Coordinator Jose Manuel Sánchez, coordinator Leticia Briales and other affiliates.
07-24 Informational table Alhaurin el Grande Secretary Marian Hoyo Zone Coordinator José Manuel Sánchez Coordinator Purificación Fernández.
07-25 Presentation of the new project for the Marbella FC Football Stadium. With the Marbella Coordinator Antonio Alcázar
07-24 Informational table Alhaurin el Grande Secretary Marian Hoyo Zone Coordinator José Manuel Sánchez Coordinator Purificación Fernández.
07-25 Presentation of the new project for the Marbella FC Football Stadium. With the Marbella Coordinator Antonio Alcázar

Work of our deputies in the Congress of Deputies:

Patricia Rueda, VOX deputy for Malaga, spokesperson in the Tourism Commission and vice-secretary of Spokesperson

Patricia Rueda, in Congress

The Malaga deputy has presented a long battery of proposals among which are plans to promote tourism, a National Plan of protocols with an emergency nature to guarantee the image of Spain as a safe destination or the promotion of previous tourism, among other initiatives.

He also presented several Non-Law Proposals (NLP) after holding many meetings with those affected in the sector. The deputy is committed to establishing a single classification system for hotels in Spain as well as adherence to the European HOTELSTARS UNION system.

Rueda sent an SOS last June: ‘We are going to lose our world leadership in tourism’ (you can see it here).

In Congress, Rueda asked the Minister of Tourism to remind her Government of the importance of tourism (you can see the video by clicking hereOur deputy also presented an NLP regarding the promotion of the beach tourism sector and met with merchants in Rincón de la Victoria (you can see here all the information).

Last June, the Government presented the Shock Plan for Tourism. Rueda, when studying it, criticized the abandonment of the Executive to this sector, so important for Spain and Malaga (you can see it here).

Our spokesperson in the Tourism Commission took to Congress the demands of the Malaga hoteliers (you can read it here).

The deputy has presented three PNL in Congress to facilitate passenger transport and the arrival of national and international tourists to Malaga (you can see it here).

Rubén Manso, VOX deputy for Malaga
Ruben Manso

The MP VOX deputy explained, from the Congressional Tribune, the reasons why the formation presented an amendment to the entire Financial Transaction Tax (you can see it here)
The VOX spokesman in the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation defended the need not to increase taxes: "Let's not stay in the league of those who charge dearly" (to see it, click here).

In June, the VOX councilor in the Benalmádena City Council, Gema Carrillo, presented a Motion in which she requested that Promotion be urged to extend the night hours of Cercanías Málaga-Fuengirola until 03:00 a.m.

Andalusian Parliament

Eugenio Moltó urged the Government of the Junta to position itself against the cuts to the Spanish countryside by the central Government. The Malaga parliamentarian warned of the "tremendously damaging" that the cut in CAP funds supposes for the interests of the Spanish countryside, a factor that adds to the crisis that the Spanish countryside was already suffering.

Moltó urged the Government of the Junta de Andalucía to take a position against the cuts that the central government is making and highlighted the importance of the food sector during the Covid-19 pandemic: "Food sovereignty is fundamental."

The Malaga deputy also asked to establish "a microbiological protection border" to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants with coronavirus

Ana Gil asked the Minister of the Presidency, Public Administrations and the Interior about the employment and safety plan on beaches. The parliamentarian recalled that the Government of the Board has approved to allocate a total of 23.8 million euros to the hiring of 3,000 beach control assistants this summer, denouncing that "it will be done within an employment plan without taking into account account for the long-term unemployed who are left without any benefit ”.

On the other hand, Ana Gil defended Special Education from the attacks it is suffering from Minister Celaá, who, as the deputy explained, “has gone one step further and has proposed to end the Special Education centers and continue attacking freedom of parents to choose the education they think is most appropriate for their children.

Our councilors

In June, the VOX councilor in the Benalmádena City Council, Gema Carrillo, presented a Motion in which she requested that encouragement to extend the night hours of Cercanías Málaga-Fuengirola until 03:00 a.m.Gema Carrillo, councilor for VOX in Benalmádena

In July, the councilor of VOX in Benalmádena, Gema Carrillo, registered another Motion in which she urged the City Council to condemn the guidelines of the different governments not to admit elderly people with Coronavirus.

In June, coinciding with the first anniversary of VOX in the Torremolinos Town Hall, the councilor of VOX, Antonio Sevilla, presented the yearbook of the work carried out in the Consistory by this formation.
In the month of July, our councilor presented a Motion in defense of the History of Spain. The Municipal Group PP abstained. Finally, the text did not go ahead. For this reason, the deputy Patricia Rueda and the VOX senator for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, together with the councilor, wanted to show their incomprehension before this incongruity of the popular, especially after in the same month of July, the PP presented a Motion in the Senate in the same line as that presented by this formation in the Torremolinos City Council. In this link You can see the video made by Patricia Rueda, Jacobo González-Robatto and Antonio Sevilla.The councilor of VOX in Rincón de la Victoria, José Rodríguez

The GM VOX Rincón de la Victoria presented in June a Motion for the City Council to condemn the abandonment of the Government to the elderly during the Coronavirus crisis.

In July, our councilor in the Municipality, José Rodríguez, presented a Motion, which was approved unanimously, in which he proposed a series of measures to attract workers who, after the pandemic, could move to live anywhere part Spain (teleworking). (Read here)

Antonio Luna

The GM VOX Fuengirola has also worked in summer. In the last plenary session in July, Antonio Luna, spokesman for GM VOX, showed his opposition to the ideological motion of the Socialist GM for the creation of violet spaces in the public libraries of Fuengirola.
On the other hand, due to the questions that came to the councilor from the citizens about the performance of Dani Mateo in Fuengirola, our councilor made a query to the Department of Culture in relation to this event. Finally, the event did not take place.

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