VOX Malaga has presented up to three times the proposal to create a monument to commemorate all the people of Malaga who have lost their lives as a result of the Coronavirus, and to recognize the work that hundreds of people have done in the fight against the pandemic .

“Many people from Malaga have lost their parents, brothers and friends. All of them have to be remembered by our society. We must also always keep in our memory the sacrifice of hundreds of health workers who have put their lives at risk to save many others. For this reason, we have insisted from VOX Malaga, up to three times, that an acknowledgment be made to all of them, ”said the provincial president, José Enrique Lara.

Specifically, they have submitted a citizen application that dates from April 2, 2020; on the 6th of that same month an email was sent to the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre; and on April 29, the proposal was registered electronically via the Malaga City Council.

The Madrid City Council took advantage of the events on the occasion of the festivity of its patron, San Isidro, to inaugurate its monument in the Plaza de Cibeles. From VOX Malaga we request the Malaga City Council that this project, which has championed our training in the city, be located in a central place in the capital so that we Malagans do not forget that together, with the work and sacrifice of all of us, we succeed in one of the biggest health crises that our city has faced.

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