Malaga, July 28, 2020.- VOX Malaga has met with the Malaga Coach Collective, to learn about the situation of the union. After the meeting, the training asks the Malaga City Council for sensitivity to the culture and traditions of our city. Specifically, that they listen to the demands of the Malaga Coach Collective.

In the capital, 26 families depend on the horse carriage service and all of them are affected by the decline in tourism in the city. "As visits to Malaga fell, the income of this group has decreased considerably, so VOX Malaga urges the City Council to support the group" concretely, effectively and directly ", stated the president of VOX Malaga, José Enrique Lara.

The coachmen, who many have inherited this historical profession, are in charge of presenting our city to tourists on numerous occasions. “Through their cars they express our culture and traditions. For this reason, it is important to encourage this service that Malaga has and to always value what makes us different, "said the provincial secretary, Marian Hoyo. VOX Malaga considers that it is important to guarantee them a parking spot in the Historic Center so that tourists can choose between several routes, since currently they can only do one.

"After visiting the facilities where the garages are located and seeing what state they are in, we asked the Town Hall to fix the stables, so that these workers can carry out their exercise safely," said the organization's deputy secretary, Antonio Pulido.

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