After a telematic meeting between the VOX provincial president, José Enrique Lara, the national deputies Patricia Rueda and Ruben Manso, with the president of the Association of Hotel Entrepreneurs of the Costa del Sol (AEHCOS), Luis Callejon, and its manager, Antonio ArandaAt VOX Malaga, we request that public institutions guarantee the future of this economic sector.

According to Exceltur data, in Malaga this activity directly generates 9,426 jobs. "Tourism is essential for the entire province, as it is one of the sectors that contributes the most wealth and employment to the Malaga economy," said the provincial president. “Due to the health crisis, many businessmen will see their income diminished, so it is necessary that the institutions provide them with the necessary support so that they are not forced to close. From VOX Malaga we request the municipalities to postpone the payment of taxes, "said Lara.

According a study prepared by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism in 2019 was the sector that made the greatest contribution to the Spanish economy, specifically the 14.3% of its GDP, which is equivalent to 176,000 million euros, ranking above sectors such as construction, commerce or healthcare. In terms of employment, it generated 2.8 million jobs, representing 14.6% of total employment in our country.

Commitment to tourism

Among the plans of the Malaga representatives in the Lower House, there is a Parliamentary Initiative with the intention of supporting a sector that is essential and key in the Spanish economy and, especially, in Malaga:

Tourism promotion plans, National Plan of protocols with urgency in order to guarantee the image of Spain as a safe destination against the coronavirus, promotion of our culture and historical heritage and promotion of domestic tourism are some of the Propositions No of Law registered in Congress that demonstrate the commitment to Malaga and tourism.

VOX Malaga considers that the Government should dedicate a special effort to listen to the proposals of this sector with the intention of helping them and not of judging them as the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, has done. "It seems unbelievable that a" Malaga ", such as the Minister of Consumer Affairs, instead of supporting and seeking solutions for the Tourism sector attacks him," Manso has criticized.

Listen to the professionals

Minister Garzón described this sector as "seasonal, precarious and with low added value" the National tourism sector last week. Given the lack of knowledge of the head of Consumer Affairs, Rueda, spokesman for Tourism of the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies, has worked on numerous parliamentary initiatives with the intention of supporting a sector that is fundamental to the Spanish economy, and especially , for Malaga. «This Government should listen more to tourism professionals, who know the reality and who from the beginning have transferred to the Executive needs as relevant as flexibility in ERTEs, certainty, fewer obstacles, elimination of taxes, employment and liquidity, which is what that VOX defends », Rueda has pointed out.

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