VOX Malaga has held a meeting with the Malaga Shared Custody Association for the Rights of the Child and the Family, and the Costa del Sol Association in Memory of Domingo Expósito to learn about the situation that many parents are going through during the State of Alarm. In the telematic meeting, the national deputies participated, Patricia Rueda and Ruben Manso, several CEP members, José Enrique Lara, Marian Hoyos, Pablo Sáenz de Tejada and Antonio Pulido and the parliamentarians, Eugenio Moltó and Ana Gil, together with the president of the Shared Custody Association, Asunción Vives.

These months, many parents have had to go to Family Courts and other legal entities to clarify what criteria they have to follow in relation to the custody regime. “Children are always the most affected in these cases. Now that we have started the de-escalation we ask the public institutions to guarantee safety and cleanliness at the Family Meeting Points (PEF). We also ask them to extend the hours and, if necessary, provide another location so that all parents and their children can be seen without danger of contagion, "said the provincial president.

From VOX Malaga we trust that the Andalusian Government will respond to our request to ensure that parents who have not seen their children during the State of Alarm can meet again in safe places and enjoy greater time flexibility. For this it is important to make sure who manages the PEFs. "It is a shame the power and money that the authorities are giving to the associations that manage the meeting points. Associations in some cases interested only in propagating gender ideology instead of what should interest them: the well-being of children and their parents, ”said Manso.

On the other hand, the VOX Parliamentary Group has presented numerous initiatives in the Congress of Deputies to regulate the regime with respect to minors or conservators during the term of the Alarm State. “Once again, this government seems to forget a part of society. In this sense, the VOX Parliamentary Group has sent parliamentary initiatives to the Executive in which it asked the Government what measures they were going to adopt to guarantee, for the duration of the Alarm State, to non-custodial parents who effectively enjoy the visitation regime. established in judicial resolution. They need answers and solutions, "said Congresswoman Patricia Rueda.

On the other hand, from VOX Malaga we urge that the need for signature of the non-custodial parent be studied in any document processed on behalf of the minor so that it is official. We also demand that all children in this situation have duplicate identification documents so that it does not pose a problem for the non-custodial parent.

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