Malaga, July 21, 2020.- Last July 16, a series of measures were approved in an extraordinary plenary session of the Malaga Consistory for the reactivation of consumption in hotel establishments and shops in the Malaga Centro district. From VOX Malaga we applaud that the City Council wants to help the people of Malaga so that the economy gradually returns to normal, but we want to remind the government team that Malaga is much more than District 1. “Our city is not only the capital, but it is much more, and from the City Council of Malaga you have to pay attention and help the 11 districts equally ", explained the president of VOX Malaga, José Enrique Lara.

VOX's commitment is absolute with the minority neighborhood trade and proof of this was the PNL presented by the VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Tourism Commission of the Congress, Patricia Rueda, along with other deputies on March 17, on the Granting of Urgent Aid to Retail Trade due to the present and future consequences that the Coronavirus may cause them, such as business closings and with it unpaid rent, salaries and suppliers providing them with Through its usual banks, zero-rate loans, with spending 0 and with a grace period of at least six months.


The training does not understand how it is possible that there is such inequality between the neighborhoods of the city. "A person who lives on the Cádiz Highway must have the same help to reactivate their business as a Soho neighbor," said Lara. The pandemic has affected many Malaga companies, therefore, the institutions must support them so that they are not forced to close.

The VOX deputy, in addition, presented a PNL on June 15 on the illegal sale and counterfeiting or infringements of intellectual property rights, which proposed to provide means to the Security Corps to help end the mafias or groups They sell without licenses or quote Social Security. They also asked to invest in advertising to raise awareness of the danger of consuming counterfeit products, thus trying to recover the volume of sales that our merchants are losing every year more.

In the same sense, he presented a PNL in order to review our trade with the People's Republic of China to work against unfair competition, lack of reciprocity, and the need to promote an industrial and technological policy, essential for Spain to compete in the global markets.

Local trade with bars and restaurants establishments are essential for the revival and revitalization of the economy of the city of Malaga, since they represent 28% of the municipality's GDP. "We request that the incentives that the Malaga consistory has implemented for District 1 be extrapolated to the other areas so that there is real equality in all neighborhoods," the provincial president has asked.

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