• From VOX Marchena, and in the absence of a response from the Local Government, we are willing to take legal action as long as the basic services of the Local Police that Marchena needs are restored.

Seville, September 17, 2020. The coordinator of VOX in Marchena, José Carlos Delgado, has filed a formal complaint with the Ombudsman in which he states “the chain of nonsense that the Local Government team is carrying out with its management and that leaves the marcheneros completely defenseless and unprotected ". "We are willing to touch the competent authorities that are necessary or even go to court as long as the basic services of the Marchena Local Police are restored ”.

From VOX Marchena we consider “It is shameful that the prevailing misgovernment is incapable of solving a problem that the town has dragged on for months, such as police emergencies. Added to the labor conflict between the police force and the Local Government is the insufficient number of active agents to cover all the citizen needs of the town. Delgado has crossed out "It is shameful that Marchena, with more than 20,000 inhabitants, has an insufficient and very scarce service to provide coverage, with guarantees, to the entire population"

From Vox we consider "Extreme gravity" that the highest authority of the locality "Incur in a crime as serious as neglect of functions and do not put the necessary means to guarantee citizen security in the face of any criminal act."

The coordinator of Vox in Marchena has explained that “this has been sent in a formal complaint to the ombudsman so that take the appropriate measures, purify responsibility and restore the security guarantees that a town like Marchena needs "

Delgado has expressed with total and absolute forcefulness that "From VOX we will do everything in our power so that this situation of misrule does not continue and remember that if necessary they will go to court." The coordinator of Vox in Marchena ended by recalling that “the marcheneros will always have us on their side, vigilantes, to guarantee that the basic services of a locality like ours are met, where our neighbors do not deserve the neglect and abandonment suffered by their leaders.

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