The Municipal Group of VOX in the City Hall of Torrejón del Rey has met with a representation of the platform of parents affected by the closure-merger of the Muriel school. This situation supposes the transfer of the children to the old Virgen de las Candelas, today CEIP Nº4, and in turn the institute courses until 3rd of ESO are transferred to the Muriel facilities. At the meeting he attended the VOX provincial deputy Iván Sánchez and the spokesperson for the training at the Torrejonero town hall Gema Saavedra There were parents of students from both schools and also from the institute.

The parents expressed their outrage at the lack of information and documentation that is not provided to them. The matter is in the hands of lawyers and pending justice. The attendees did not hide their disappointment with the municipal government as they claim not to have received any support, quite the contrary.

According to the parents, they have not been allowed to carry out a private appraisal at the center that will host more than 400 children next year, with an educational plan that maintains elementary bilingualism for some and non-bilingualism for others. One of the main concerns of parents says Gema Saavedra is that “The common spaces are much smaller and will accommodate many more children, all in pandemic times. They are also convinced that their children lose educational quality and spaces. ”

Forced to march to other municipalities

Parents have explained to VOX representatives that all decisions are based on the fact that in a few years the population of that age group will be much smaller. However, at present, the Castilla-La Mancha Community Board is closing a line 1 school that is full and adapted for that number of children. And to compensate for this, it was decided to crowd everyone (more than 400 students) in a line 2 school with common areas suitable for a line 1 school. Finally, they assure that the investment that has been made to adapt both structures for the coming year it is minimal. In no case sufficient to adapt the buildings to new students and their educational needs.

With all this in a municipality where in recent years the population has increased, what they do is reduce the educational offer and the ability of families to choose. Saavedra has explained that "We do not understand that this decision is positive for Torrejón del Rey, since we are very close to the Henares and Madrid corridors, and people could come to live here. Reducing educational resources and not making any forceful investment to improve what we already had, is not good propaganda for families to decide to settle here. ”

The socialists cover each other

In short, and for the municipal spokesperson, it all comes down to the fact that “The socialist mayor alleges that she has no powers to solve the problem but has direct information from the Board governed by García Page in addition to being a provincial deputy. Information that hides from parents and also from us who have claimed it on multiple occasions through official channels. He is more aware of the orders of his socialist superiors than of defending the interests of his municipality ”.

From VOX several political initiatives have been presented, such as an extraordinary plenary session in the town and also support for a motion presented in deputation on this matter. For the deputy Iván Sánchez “The parents of Torrejón del Rey students already need a solution. It cannot be that the regional government supported by the mayor, both socialists, intend to place their children in a center that does not comply with the necessary measures. And even more considering the pandemic situation that we live thanks to the disastrous management of the central government"

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