The president and deputy spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Jose Maria Llanos, together with the deputy and spokesperson for the Economy, Ana Maria Cerdán, and the also deputy Jose Luis Aguirre, have met this morning with the representatives of the Valencian Business Confederation (CEV), who have transferred their concerns and proposals to them.

José María Llanos has explained some points that have been addressed in the making of contact: "They have raised questions that we are also defending in the Valencian Courts as is the need for greater administrative streamlining, direct aid to industrial sectors, as well as that they are also supporters of dedicate all efforts to training for employment in order to be more competitive in Europe, among other aspects ”.

Valencian businessmen have advocated for the political unit. "We have told them that we are willing to contribute our grain of sand so that political unity can be achieved”, Has pointed out José María Llanos.

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