Insulting. This is how the president of VOX Melilla, José Miguel Tasende, describes “the pamphlet in the form of a questionnaire” with which the head of Intercultural Relations has responded to citizens who are outraged by the ‘multicultural’ lights installed by the Government. A document to which, says the leader of VOX Melilla, "it is hard to believe that no one can afford to launch so much insult on those who do not think like him."

For Tasende, it is "unheard of" by a political leader and this pamphlet demonstrates a "totalitarianism in its purest form" by urging the dissident to define himself as 'I'm an idiot', 'I'm a prude', 'religion' or 'sexual preference'. "Is it necessary to complain against the author of such vilification?", Questions the president of VOX Melilla, who recalls that this conduct "is typified in the Penal Code" in articles 208, of insults, and 524, of religious freedom.

VOX defends that “the full reaction of a responsible administration, in the face of social complaints in networks and the press, should have been to take note and, henceforth, not to repeat this type of strongly controversial initiatives ”. In other words, Tasende points out, “maintain the proper meaning of the different festivals”: ​​the religious of each religion, the secular women (such as Carnival), the civic ones such as Constitution Day, those of each union (patrons), the neighbors, etc. And it is that, remember, "the heteroclite mixture of religions (Christian, Muslim, Hebrew and Hindu) with ethnic groups (gypsies) and nationalities (Chinese) as well as the creation of a 'Month of Lights', of resonances – only resonances – Illustrated, they have caused the natural hilarity in some cases, and indignation in others on the part of the citizens who pay for all this ”.

"For my part, I ask the Three Wise Men to bring us to Melilla large doses of common sense and several tons of nonconformity to continue claiming against what seems wrong to us, to continue demanding that our money be spent with a great sense of opportunity, and so that we do not allow anyone to insult us with impunity ”, concludes the president of VOX Melilla.

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