"We have a trajectory in which we go from the worst data in terms of the number of infected and hospital occupancy, through the lag in the communication of cases, to the increase in crime with several robberies and the theft of an ambulance, when is he was paying attention to a patient with severe respiratory distress ”, the Mint the legal vice secretary of VOX Melilla, Juana Díaz de Villegas. After the last events that occurred in the city, VOX Melilla warns of I don't know It can continue with the dynamic of controlling and restricting the freedom of the responsible citizen who meticulously complies with all measures.

Diaz de Villegas demands I'm thirstyaxis of persecuting businessmen who have invested financial resources against Covid-19, and who are adrift "due to poor management decisions." In addition, it claims to stop side to those uncontrolled areas of Melilla on the fringes of the law, "without curfews, without masks, and without consequences." And it is that, the legal vice secretary warns of that “no one in this government is taking responsibility to face theyou problems that are arising, and that are adding to the already more than negligent management of the pandemic in our city and in our Spain ”.

Therefore, Díaz de Villegas requests that they stop taking measures without sense "that only lead to ruin." "What is the explanation for the hotel industry being closed if the cured have suddenly increased in 500 cases? Is it a miraculous cure, have the statistics been manipulated or is it pure lack of control of the figures in recent months? ”, Asks the party.

VOX Melilla warns that the outlook for Christmas "is quite bleak", since the management of the crisis due to the coronavirus, "far from improving, continues from bad to worse." Díaz de Villegas denounces that "the hospitality industry continues to be punished, the aid does not arrive and no mention has been made of the Christmas campaign for trade." “When pillars such as health, education, security and the economy fail, all social well-being is lost and there is tension and general malaise. Looking the other way is like the shepherd who allows wolves to devour his sheep ”, adds the VOX Melilla deputy legal secretary.

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