VOX Melilla urges the Government of the Autonomous City of Melilla to improve compensation to the Local Police. A point that was discussed yesterday in the Committee on Finance, Employment and Commerce and on which no progress could be made because both the Government of the Autonomous City, and Jesús Delgado Aboy, deputy expelled from VOX, continue to delay the deserved improvement Police salary of Melilla.

VOX wants to remember that Jesús Delgado refused to give VOX Melilla voters the deputy minutes after his expulsion from the party. That is why, currently, the deputy of this formation, Juan Carlos Escoz, has no voting capacity in the Commissions, but it is Delgado who, contrary to VOX guidelines, is making it difficult to improve the conditions of The city police.

This training considers it essential that the Melilla government convene the new ten seats pending for the Local Police. It is absolutely necessary to provide the Melilla Police with all the human, material and economic resources, especially at the present time in which the Autonomous City lives, in which the allegations of vandalism have increased considerably.

In order to draw attention to this situation, the VOX deputy, Juan Carlos Escoz, will take advantage of the next Ordinary Plenary to urge the Executive of Melilla to prepare and implement an Emergency Plan that incorporates concrete measures that translate into a Immediate guarantee of the safety of the Melillenses.

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