Given the reduction in hours that have been implemented in this course in Melilla schools, the legal vice-secretary of VOX Melilla, Juana Díaz de Villegas, points out that “the reduction of the teaching day causes not only that they are staying in line at the educational compared to the rest of Spain, but is also incompatible with the parents' working hours, and therefore, with full performance at work ”. A panorama that "will hardly improve educational results," says Díaz de Villegas. The legal vice secretary points out that this situation will have consequences for the parents when facing your workday.

VOX Melilla underlines that, "if the data already put us at the head of our country in terms of rates of school failure and early dropout, the pandemic will further aggravate the situation." By this reason, Diaz de Villegas it states that students should have a full face-to-face schedule "and not part-time." "The null forecast of what was going to happen during this course shows the little interest that the administration has shown about the pillars of the educational community: students, teachers and parents," he says.

VOX Melilla bet for hiring more teaching staff and providing public spaces to be able to teach classes and thus maintain bubble groups, or to teach classes in bubble groups in full days in the morning or afternoon, "something that would benefit both students and their parents ”. "In this sense, there can be no economic excuses by the government while we continue to see the waste of the coffers in the administration's beach bars," says Díaz de Villegas, to add: "This situation, which, due to the government's terrible management very long-lasting, it once again highlights the lack of equality of citizens depending on where they live in Spain and the lack of a unified criterion at the national level ”.

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