Madrid, June 17, 2019. The three VOX Euro MPs, Jorge Buxadé, Mazaly Aguilar Y Hermann Tertsch, have participated this Monday in the Act of compliance with the Constitution held in the Congress of Deputies and the three have sworn 'for Spain'.

"It's time to remember those who voted for us we will fight for a Europe of sovereign nations and to point out that our commitment to curb the federalist claims of a large government in Brussels that want to turn Spain into a kind of province of the European Union remains firm, "said Jorge Buxadé told the media at the end of the session. "We are very excited, very happy to represent the Spanish people, to represent the Kingdom of Spain in the European Parliament, and so we go to the community institutions: to exercise our political activity with full coherence with the political activity of VOX in Spain."

The MEP Mazaly Aguilar also wanted to remember the commitment of VOX in the Eurocámara with the defense of the interests of the agri-food world, the rural world and Spain emptied. For its part, the number three of VOX in the European Parliament, Hermann Tertsch has abounded in the battle "cultural and ideas " who will also give training in Brussels. "A battle," he said, "that is much needed."

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