On the occasion of the month of awareness about breast cancer and due to the health collapse caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are aware that we must increase the attention and support given to awareness, early detection, treatment and care palliative of those who suffer from the pathology.

Being a disease that affects a large part of the female population both in Spain and in the world, it should be remembered that every 30 seconds worldwide a diagnosis of breast cancer is made, that in Spain the annual figure is 25,000 new cases – being the most frequent malignant tumor among women – and that every 53 minutes a woman dies in the world as a result of it. The councilor and spokesperson for VOX Molina de Segura, Antonio Martínez, remember that today more than ever "we cannot forget the great importance of gynecological check-ups to prevent this and other pathologies since a fear has been detected in going to annual check-ups due to concern about being infected by Coronavirus," he says. the mayor.

For all the above, VOX Molina requests the Municipality of the municipality to urge the central government on the need to obtain a "Single National Health Card" so that women with breast cancer can be treated throughout the national territory, as well as remind him of the need to intensify awareness campaigns and early diagnosis, in addition to those at the local level, and implement a support plan for relatives of the victims of this cancer.

Enabling public electric vehicle charging points

Regarding the next plenary session, and taking into account the times of changes that we are experiencing at all levels, from VOX we consider that the need for Molina de Segura to advance and adapt to the advances that are already taking place in the great most municipalities in Europe. For this reason, the commitment and commitment by the City Council and also the private sector to promote the use of the electric vehicle in any of its different aspects is inescapable.

Consequently, the Municipal Group VOX Molina will raise to the plenary session of the 26th of this month, regulating in municipal regulations, the places for EV recharging, as well as the procedure for requesting spaces on public roads for the installation of recharging points and reserving the number of places estimated, after the corresponding study.

Finally, the formation will present a third and fourth motions, postponed in the last plenary session for agenda reasons, on the revocation against joining the FEMP and against illegal immigration.

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