Due to the state of alarm with which thousands of families, SMEs, merchants or hoteliers are suffering a precarious economic situation, where their economic income has been diminished and in some cases even completely cut off, there is an urgent need that from the Molina de Segura City Council provides masks free of charge to the neighbors while their use continues to be mandatory.

For the councilman and spokesman for GM VOX Molina, Antonio Martínez, “in the face of the current situation in the nation where unemployment is rampant, the number of businesses that go bankrupt continues to increase and the queues of hunger grow in a way exponential, the result of the disastrous management of the social-communist government, to the point that many families have been forced to choose between buying a product as basic and necessary as milk or buying masks ”.

With a critical situation like the current one, an immediate and forceful response is required. “For this reason, on November 9, days before the Government of Spain authorized the reduction of VAT to 4%, this formation went further and registered a motion to be taken to the next plenary session on November 30 so that the team of The Government of the City Council urge the national Government to make this protection measure free in the current state of alarm and its partial financing while its use is recommended, but not mandatory, ”said the mayor.

Malpractice in plenary sessions

Antonio Martínez also takes the opportunity to reproach the Government team that this Municipal Group has four motions that have not been seen in the past plenary sessions and shows his concern about the malpractice with which the times of the interventions are being managed by part of the presidency.

According to the Organic Regulations of the Molina de Segura City Council in chapter III, articles 65 and 66 where the debate times and their distribution are set out, it does not include an exclusive time for the Chairman of the Plenary to enter into the discussion of the matter taking part in it, since it has already been distributed according to the aforementioned articles among the different political groups of both the opposition and the Government.

"It is improper for those who represent the interests of all Molinenses in the plenary session, such as the president, to make interpretations of the Law and its regulations at will to violate the plenary sessions and punish the interventions of the other groups with over-positioning" Martínez has commented.

For these reasons, and in order to preserve the consequent decorum and respect for the organs of this City Council and that the representativeness of our citizens requires, the Municipal Group VOX will present a letter requesting that the debates of the Plenary be adjusted to the Organic Regulation of the City Council of Molina de Segura.

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