The VOX Municipal Group in the Huelva City Council has obtained the support of all the groups in the Plenary, with Adelante abstaining, so that the City Council of the capital, together with the Government, the Junta de Andalucía and the Provincial Council, commit to co-financing the masks so that they are free while their use is mandatory, at least for the neediest families in the capital.

To the proposed initiative, the VOX councilor, Rocío Pérez de Ayala, has accepted several amendments, in order for the Consistory to urge the rest of the administrations to get involved in facilitating the free supply of this essential product in the fight against coronavirus.

For his part, the municipal spokesman, Wenceslao Font Briones, regretted that the motion aimed at informing the public about the compliance and degree of execution of the approved motions from the City Council has not gone ahead due to the exclusive refusal of the Government team and its roller with an absolute majority, since the rest of the groups have supported it.

This motion proposed to designate a specific control body to record, control and audit the execution of the motions approved in plenary session. Or that the Board of Spokespersons report on a monthly basis the motions approved in the last Plenary Session, presenting an action plan, indicating time limits, to carry out the measures that make up said motion.

In addition, VOX proposed to include on the City Council website a section so that citizens can access the list of approved motions, their content and the actions that are carried out to enforce compliance, so that Huelva residents have direct access to centralized way and not only from each municipal group to all this information.

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