✅ 30 years ago, the United Nations approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Today, the convention is commemorated and they reiterate their commitment to the protection of children. Unfortunately, today, there are still major threats to the lives and well-being of children. Violence, depopulation, poverty, the risk of addictions such as gambling or drugs; or the lack of access to education continues to limit the healthy development of childhood in many parts of the world.

Faced with these challenges, we reaffirm our determination in the defense of children's rights and the protection of the smallest of our society; starting with the right to life and education. We recall that the States parties to the Declaration assume the commitment to instill in the child the respect of their parents, of their own cultural identity, of their language and their values ​​and of the national values ​​of the country in which they live, a duty that we especially remember.

The public authorities are responsible for ensuring, therefore, the protection of children and ensuring their well-being and their free and complete development as a person, as a member of a family and a national community.

Occasionally, this responsibility has been used as a weapon to interfere in the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions. Therefore, we reject that public institutions interfere in every corner of family intimacy to the point of taking away from parents the right to choose how to educate their children, a right guaranteed by article 27.3 of the Constitution.

✅ The family is the main development core of the person

Especially during childhood and adolescence. We agree that the State's protection of children, far from confronting parents, should support them in their responsibility to educate their children; in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. Thus, the way to guarantee children's rights is to prevent any type of interference with political interests or pressure groups that try to indoctrinate minors.

In the case of those children in a situation of special vulnerability or without family references, their effective development and access to education and training should be guaranteed away from all types of ideological manipulation.

✅ Therefore, today, it is the obligation of this municipal group of VOX Calahorra to present the motion to the City Council to urge the Regional Government and the Ministry of Education to ensure school transportation to schools arranged in Calahorra. Since, all centers supported by public funds must receive the same material and human resources to carry out their tasks, thus protecting the free choice of the educational center and guaranteeing equal opportunities in the rural world.

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