VOX is totally against the pact that proposes to limit the Transfer carried out by the progressive consensus, limiting the water to Murcia and the Segura Basin. Once again, PP, PSOE and Cs unite to harm the Spanish just as they did recently with the agricultural sector through the Mar Menor law – the TC admitted the unconstitutional appeal filed by VOX, as stated. reported -.

According the president of VOX Murcia, José Ángel Antelo, "In the face of hydraulic separatism agreed by the progressive consensus, at VOX we defend the water unit of Spain". Furthermore, "this shameful pact once again makes it clear that a single command is necessary without division and the interests of the Autonomous Communities", Antelo added.

With this measure, not only is water being politicized, but it also continues to act in an irresponsible way with the management of infrastructures, forgetting something essential: that in Levante, according to a study, more than 3,000 million euros and more than 106,000 euros are generated. direct jobs.

"The progressive consensus believes that the water belongs to them and they only intend to suffocate the workers who depend on the Transfer, seeking with this new episode a water war between the Spanish," said the provincial president, who recalled that water is a a property in the public domain with which desertification is stopped and that VOX will not tolerate that our farmers are again discredited.

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