As of Friday, July 24, both the Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue have helped 458 immigrants aboard 31 boats that have reached various points on the Murcian coast, most of them men of Algerian nationality and 14 of them have tested positive so far. in Coronavirus tests and have been transferred to health centers, while the occupants who traveled in the same boats have been quarantined.
According José Ángel Antelo, provincial president"The situation we are experiencing is unsustainable and we ask for the naval blockade to end the effect of the call and the entry of illegal immigrants into our waters.

Antelo insists that public health must be safeguarded and recalls that from VOX “we have been demanding for a long time more control of borders and compliance with the immigration law”, adding: “It is necessary to carry out massive tests on the population in order to be able to isolate the infected and never confine whole municipalities again. ”

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