The Provincial Directorate of VOX Murcia today presented its magazine La Reconquista to the media, in the new regional headquarters that the party now has in the capital of Murcia.

The event was attended by the members of the management of VOX Murcia, José Ángel Antelo, President, Lourdes Méndez, National Deputy and Vice President, Carmen Menduiña, Secretary, Pilar García and Antonio Martínez, Members.

José Ángel Antelo, provincial president of VOX Murcia, has declared that our headquarters will not be financed with the public subsidy, it will be paid with the money of our affiliates, with our donations and with the different actions that we carry out throughout the year as information tables, etc.

Regarding our magazine, it will be a bimonthly magazine, with annual subscription, for which we have received congratulations from the national leadership.

Video presentation

It will be directed above all to training issues, to the world of culture, in which there will be different articles from our leaders and what has been more important, that people have first-hand information without many times the misfortune that we have to suffer the simultaneous translation of our message.

I think it will be a success, right now we can say that we already have more than 200 people interested in subscribing and the magazine will reach the homes of anyone regardless of whether they are affiliated or not, Antelo concluded.

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