The 2020 budgets not only arrive late and badly, but also completely forget about the needs of the families of the Region of Murcia, as well as those affected by COVID-19, SMEs, hoteliers, merchants and restaurateurs, leaving them in a last and repudiated plane.

From VOX an amendment has been submitted to all of these budgets that do not represent the interests of the city of Murcia. "It is ironic that the seventh city in Spain has a management more typical of the seventh city in the horn of Africa," he reproached the GM VOX spokesperson in the Murcia City Council, José Ángel Antelo, who added: "Ballesta and his party are amortized and from VOX we will not sit idly by these budget items whose only and regrettable purpose is to fulfill the ideological agendas of the governments."

VOX Murcia criticizes that the documentation of these extended budgets, moreover, arrived late and is far from the amendments that VOX would have proposed if it were in the Government. Along these lines, Antelo recalls: “The Region of Murcia is the fourth province with the lowest per capita income in Spain and one of the causes is the under-financing that it suffers from popular and socialists who have always punished it for being loyal to the nation".

The GM insists that these budgets do not reflect the needs of Spaniards since the country is immersed in the face of an unprecedented drop in GDP that will exceed the estimates made in the first period of the pandemic.

“A budget has been made without an advance estimate, which leads to a lack of planned management that characterizes this city council in recent years and has been aggravated in this term by the government coalition between the Popular party and Citizens, who are more busy in their partisan wars than in the real and urgent needs of Murcians. We see how, unfortunately, almost daily, they generate ink jets in our regional press about the constant and ridiculous disagreements ", the spokesperson points out.

For this reason, and in the face of these very little credible budgets that are, after all, a nefarious plagiarism of the previous ones, VOX requests the preparation of budgets in accordance with the very serious situation that the Region is experiencing “and that are affecting so much to families, SMEs, merchants, hoteliers or restaurateurs who contribute, with the payment of their taxes, to the maintenance of the budget in a large percentage but who have nevertheless been unjustly abandoned ”, José Ángel Antelo concluded.

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