Two Sisters on October 1, 2020. – In the plenary session held in Dos Hermanas on November 15, 2019, the Municipal VOX Group presented the motion "Two Sisters for Life", which was not supported by other political groups, in which, among other issues, the delivery of training courses to carry out resuscitation and first aid exercises, aimed at both professionals and any citizen of Dos Hermanas.

The deputy spokesperson Teresa De Terry emphasizes that “the City Council was required to equip all municipally-owned public centers with automated external defibrillators, also to incorporate them into local police radio patrol vehicles (which are the first to arrive at incidents) and the nursery and primary education centers, in order to be able to act on time in the event of accidents that require these means since their employment would involve the life or death of the patients, ”he emphasized.

For his part, he also indicated that “in the sectarian vision that characterizes the socialist government, sufficient political support was not obtained for the provision of the means despite having a on collection of 8 million of euros per year, but from the Municipal Group we do not give up in the effort "indicated the Councilor, who warned that" the neighbors must be cardioprotected and therefore in the plenary session this month, we will present a new request for the socialist government to reconsider its position, abandon sectarianism because the pandemic has forced a restructuring of priorities, and those raised here are; common sense measures to protect our people.

Finally, he stressed that “in these times of pandemic when people perceive how fragile life is, remembering that not only does Covid exist, there are many cardiovascular and other diseases that can cause cardio-respiratory arrests, which can lead to death, which unfortunately affects both people of a certain age and children, because of them we have to have our local schools protected and their staff trained to act in case of accident and necessity ”, De Terry sentenced.

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