The full Provincial Council held this Tuesday has served for the institution to deprive the rights of its workers of retirement age. He spokesperson for the Provincial Group of VOX in Diputación Iván Sánchez has ensured that "The socialist government team has forced many workers to run away and retire on Monday the 28th in order not to lose their previously acquired rights.

The reason that has forced this decision of several employees with the close retirement date is that "it is brought as an apparently irrelevant point, the request for an opinion to the Castilla-La Mancha Advisory Council, this being well seen by all parties, with the exception of point 2 of the agreement, which wants to suspend article 37 of the 2007 framework agreement regarding incentives for early retirement ”.

Despite the fact that the deputy Iván Sánchez has requested that this point be withdrawn and that the others of the agreement be continued, the responsible deputy ignored, for which VOX voted against supporting the just recognized rights of the officials of the County Council and directly opposing the arbitrariness of the government team.

Return of a classic

Once again, the reparation surveys and extrajudicial credit recognitions were the protagonists of the plenary session. The VOX deputy has voted against, because how he has expressed "They have become a classic in each plenary session of this council and demonstrate the errant management of the socialists at the head of the provincial institution."

To the one-year extension of the garbage collection service, Iván Sánchez has voted in favor. An extension of the contract that has been due to not having put out this service in time and form and despite not agreeing with the ways of proceeding of the company.

Even so, he wanted to urge the responsible deputy to update the company as "We have many plenary sessions with overdue invoices from this company with the delay that this causes for the services of this County Council".

Reinforcement of primary healthcare

Also VOX has voted in favor of strengthening primary health care in Castilla La Mancha stating that "It is fair to support and strengthen our health workers, in Spain between 5,000 and 9,000 professionals are needed to reach the average for the European Union" .

In the same way, he has voted yes for pass an anti-occupation law. VOX strongly defends private property as it says Santiago Abascal Al occupies a judicial kick in the ass with the law in hand and into the street. The VOX deputy recalled that "Much blame for this scourge is due to the amendment of the Penal Code of 2015 made by the PP and that lowered the usurpation of housing to a minor crime, punishable only with a fine of 3 to 6 months”.

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